Bendt Josefsen from Kapisillit wins the first prize of the year’s version of the mineralhunt campaign Ujarassiorit and receives DKK 55,000. Bendt Josefsen has found a sulfide-mineralized gneiss south of Kapisillit in Godthåbsfjord. The sample contains 3.17 % copper, 10.1 gram per ton silver and 814 gram per ton cobalt. The copper-cobalt association is interesting since this association is not typical for Archean terranes wherein the Nuuk region is encompassed. Copper-cobalt ore deposits are known from the younger rocks i.e. in the Central African copper belt.

The winner of the 2nd prize of tax free DKK 25,000 is Frederikke Filemonsen from Aasiaat. She has found and submitted a molybdenite-bearing gneiss from Ujarattarfik, an island 6 kilometers east of Aasiaat. The analysis of the rock returned 0.43 % molybdenum and 0.73 gram per ton rhenium. Molybdenum mineralizations in Aasiaat are not known in details. Molydenum finds its application mostly in production of high-strength steel alloys. Rhenium is applied to production of high-temperature resistant metal alloys that are used to produce jet engine parts.

Two 3rd prizes of tax free DKK 10,000 each are awarded to:

  • William Umerineq, Kuummiut, who has found and submitted a sulfide-rich mica-schist containing 0.33 % cobalt. The geology of the area of the sample locality is known only to a limited degree, and the sample indicates a potential presence of economically interesting mineralizations.

  • Sofie Larsen, Qeqertaq, who has found and submitted a sample of banded iron formation with the minerals magnetite and hematite from Anap Nunaa, north of Ilulissat. The iron-content of the rock is 37.8 %. Banded iron formations occur in the area, but are older than the sample submitted by Sofie Larsen which is from younger rocks. The sample indicates a potential for finding banded iron formations that are younger than the known banded iron formation deposit at Itilliarsuk.

Four 4th prizes of tax free DKK 5,000 each are awarded to:

  • Charlotte Hansen from Qasigiannguit for her finding of altered amphibolite near Qasigiannguit. The sample contains 0.25 gram per ton gold. The sample is collected from bedrock, but there are no previously known gold mineralizations in Qasigiannguit area.

  • Hans Pape from Tasiilaq for his finding of an ilmenite-bearing amphibolite from the island Ikermiit in South-East Greenland containing 33.3 % iron and more than 10 % titanium. The geology of the sample locality area is poorly known, but the sample indicates possible ilmenite mineralizations in magmatic rocks that occur in the area.

  • Poul Alaufesen from Ikerasaarsuk for his finding of rose quartz of good quality at Innap qaava, central Westgreenland. Rose quartz has a pink color and is used as a gemstone, ’healing’ stone or as decoration. It is typically a gemstone which is suitable for small scale production.

  • Bendt Egede from Illorsuit in the Qaqortoq-area for his sample of a labradorite collected east of Igaliku. The sample is of gemstone quality. Labradorite is used as gemstone and dimension stone. The submitted sample is suitable for cabochon cutting.

The members of the jury of the national public mineral hunt programme are economic geologists from the Government of Greenland and the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland.  From every post office, residents of Greenland can, free of charge, send in samples for further geological examination. Further information regarding Ujarassiorit can be found on the website

Ujarassiorit is run and financed by the Government of Greenland.

FinnAust Mining Plc, Greenland Gas & Oil Ltd. and The Bank of Greenland’s Industrial Fund have each contributed with DKK 40,000 to the total prize amount.


 Hudson Resources Inc. and North American Nickel Inc. have each contributed with DKK 10,000 to the total prize amount.

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For further information regarding Ujarassiorit and the prize winners, please contact: Geologist Jonas Petersen on phone number +299 34 65 49 or on e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.